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Design & Installations

Design & Installations


Our company and team bring extensive experience and a range of certifications and accreditations to every project guaranteeing client’s quality and professional service delivery..

Our most important concern is customer service; interpreting your requirements, delivering cost effective results and exceeding your expectations to establish long-term working relationships and an intimate understanding of your required systems.

We at STL provide electrical design & engineering services with specialized personnel in electrical power design & distribution for industrial plants, infrastructure and buildings, providing effective support for your planning process:

  • Design, build and test prototype electronic solutions that include functions such as filters, control/drive electronics, feedback systems, environmental monitoring, power conditioning.
  • Analyze circuit performance using a variety of analysis tools
  • Test post-processing systems

With a team of Professional Electrical and Low Voltage Engineers, CADD Technicians and Low/High Voltage Designers, SLT has the resources necessary to provide comprehensive design-build services.